Advokátska kancelária

Jakubčová a partneri, s.r.o.

To live honestly, to injure no one, to give to each his own

Lawyer's office Jakubčová a partneri, s.r.o. is an independent law firm that provides services to domestic as well as foreign clients in Slovak and in English. Clients with qualified legal advice especially in the field of civil, commercial, criminal, administrative, family, labor and intellectual property rights. We represent clients before courts and public authorities.

We take for granted that our legal services are reliable, precise, professional, and we place great emphasis on the protection of information and confidentiality. As part of the efficiency in the provision of legal services we cooperate with executors, notaries, appraisers, auditors, interpreters, financial and tax advisors.

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Intensive cooperation with the client

On the basis of personal approach to client maximum information about the whole process. For success, and find the best fit is a fundamental right intensive cooperation.

Advokátska kancelária
Jakubčová a partneri, s.r.o.
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